The 20 greatest games of all time

Gaming has been a big thing to everyone, whether you are born in the 1980’s or you are in the 2000’s. And, as 2014 is coming to an end, it is nice to look back the games that brought the gaming world to what it is today. These are the games that are known as the best of the best. So, to give you insight, here are the 20 greatest games of all time.

Super Mario Bros. – Known as the one of the best platform game in the world, Super Mario Bros. had made its way to everyone’s heart as they play the role of Mario who wants to save the Princess from the Evil Bowser!

Sonic the Hedgehog- The ever loving hedgehog’s game is one the best competitors of Mario, as it is really sought out by many gamers. Like Mario, Sonic mission is to save the world. But, instead of Bowser, he got Dr. Robotnik to defeat!

Legend of Zelda- If you are looking for a game that combines role-playing and puzzle gaming, then this game is the one for you. Play as Link and save Hyrule for the likes of Ganon with the power of the Tri-Force.

Pokemon- Be a Pokemon Master and collect all of the Pokemons out there. You will surely love this game that made everyone go crazy from Red and Blue, to the latest X and Y! Donkey Kong- Another classic game that you can really enjoy, whether you are a kid or a kid at heart as you jump over the barrels that are thrown by the great Donkey Kong! Half Life- If you want to kill a bunch of experiments got wrong, then Half Life is the game for you. Play the role of Gordon Freeman as he fights his way to the underground research facility to survive.

Mega Man- If robotics is what you want to play out, then Mega Man is your best choice. Be the android that would save the world from evil robots and get their powers while you are at it! Mortal Kombat-Murder plus demonic powers that could call forth the powers of Hell? Gamer’s best choice for that is Mortal Kombat! Be a fighter who would have to face countless foes to be supreme!

Tekken- Want a fighting game with less of the demons? Then go for Tekken, and experience the same amount of fighting with the same amount of fun. Fight it all out and be the champion in the tournament: Tekken!

Resident Evil- Want a little zombie killing? Then, try playing Resident Evil and be an awesome zombie killer. You will really never know when a zombie will attack. So, it is perfect if you are looking for some zombie killing with a few good excitements.

Chrono Trigger- Travel back in time with this role playing game. With so many different endings, you will sure to have fun while you are playing this game that is said to be the best role playing game of all time.

Tetris- New games may pass by, but they can’t really beat the classic Tetris game. Made by the Russians, you will never expect to have so much fun with just stacking a few blocks into one place.

Metroid- Another platform game, you will have fun as you battle your way in killing aliens along the way. Everyone will really enjoy this game, especially with the ending that shocked gamers even today.

Metal Gear- If being part of a special force seems cool to you, then Metal Gear is a game you can really enjoy. Follow the mission with Solid Snake as you infiltrate bases and stop global catastrophe!

Super Smash Bro. – Like Mario, Sonic, Link and all of the other video game characters? Then, you will love them even more as they battle it out to see who the best in all video gaming is in this crossover fighting game!

Contra- Want to be part of an all out war, then you should play Contra and play in the game that everyone in the world consider as one the most hardest games they ever played. If you are looking for a challenge, then this is a good game for you to play.

Star Fox- From the earth, you can take the war to space in Star Fox. Be Fox McCloud and fly a spaceship to save the Lylat system from Andross, who wants to destroy it. You can have so much fun destroying other ships and be the hero of the whole system.

Pacman- Another oldie’s, you wouldn’t also expect to have so much fun with just eating a few glowing balls. But, to be honest, you will surely will. If you want to have fun in the way of how your mom and dad played their games, then this game is for you.

Bomberman- The title said it all. It is how gamers play bombs in the cutest possible way they could. And, as this is also a very old game, everyone in the room would really enjoy playing as you all try to take each other out with bombs.

Kirby- Fluffy cute monsters, plus eating, plus the ability to have any other powers is equal to this game. You will play as little Kirby as you literally eat your way in defeating your opponents.

Games like these can really bring back some good memories. And, because of these games, you can enjoy all of your other games that you have at home. So, be proud of these games, you could never enjoy the games that you have now!

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