New games 2015

Without a doubt, this year’s video games are one of the best made so far. Who could ever forget the feeling of being a goat in Goat Simulator or, the scary feeling of running away from zombies of Evil Within? Yes, this year is really a great year for the video games to shine. But, as another year is coming towards you, you might be wondering, what are the other games you can expect in the coming year?

That is what most gamers would ask at this point of time. Are the games coming out this 2015 going to be good? Are they going to live up to the expectations of their trailers? Will they dominate the minds of gamers like this year? These are questions that still can’t be answered. But, you can expect that there are a lot of good games just waiting for a gamer like yourself to be played on!

Who hasn’t played a good first person shooter zombie apocalyptic game these days? It is like the baptism of all gamers to play at least once in their lifetime. That is how most gamers are made. However, the often problem with games like this is that you couldn’t go to a different place when you are a normal player. There is always a barrier of where a character could go. But, in Dying Light, there is no such thing as a place unexplored. The Parkour system lets players move in places they couldn’t normally go to like rooftops or balconies. Adding the different weapons you can use, you can expect that you will have a great time playing.

Want to be part of a more brutal kind of game? It is not a problem as in 2015; the era of Mortal Kombat shall rise again as Mortal Kombat X! See all of your favorite characters like Sub-zero and Scorpion battle it out for supremacy in the Mortal Kombat world. With a roster of at least 24 characters, you can expect that this Mortal Kombat will be more just, as bloody as, or even bloodier than, its predecessor.

There are also a lot of other games for you to choose from. From the nostalgic anime fun of Dragon Ball Xenoverse with the dark historic excitement of The Order: 1886, you can expect that you will not get bored or disappointed with the new games that is about to come this 2015!

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