Best PC Games 2014/2015

The year of 2014 was a blast for a lot of gamers out there, not just for the Xbox and the Playstation gamers but also for the PC gamers as well. Who could forget the next generation fun of inFamous: Second Son, or the silly antics you can do while you are playing South Park: The Stick of Truth? That is why we will go back to the games that everyone enjoyed this year, and talk about the games that would come out these following months.


As said earlier, the year 2014 holds a lot of games that are fun for both ages and genders of all kinds. There are those games that will give you nostalgia of all of the old games you loved to play over and over again like Tomb Raider, and Rayman Legends. Old school games with an added new flare into the mix, making it perfect for any age to love. This is also the year for games of fright and terror as there are games that will really give you a shock as you play them. These games include Outlast, Five Nights at Freddy’s, and The Evil Within. And, though they can be terrifying, their thrill can make you want to play more!

If you are not into those games, whether it is because you are heart problems or you don’t want to wet your pants, it is ok as there are also fun games that will make you laugh so much that you will be begging for more. There is Octodad: Dadliest Catch for some difficult level fun. Want to try something different? Then be a goat and play Goat Simulator. And, believe in what they say that being a goat in video games is really fun because it really is.

But, though how much fun these games are, the excitement is nothing compared with the games that are coming these coming months and next year. Be the assassin who would unravel the truth behind the French Revolution in Assassin’s Creed: Unity, or protect Gotham as Batman in Batman: Arkham Knight. You can even be a monster that would evolve to kill humans in Evolve or be a mastermind of crimes yourself in Grand Theft Auto V! No matter what kind of games that you may like, whether it is a vehicular combat game like Mad Max or, a first person shooter like Halo 5, you will really enjoy all of the best PC games you can find!

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